What kind of ID is required to send money with your company?

Verify customer by 1st ID includes Photon ID confirming Customer’s name, date of birth, status and nationality

Verify customer by 2nd ID which would confirm the customer address for us.

Which Photo ID is acceptable to send money with your company?

Following Photo IDs are acceptable:
Full UK Driving Licence
Passport with valid visa 
Government issued identity card

How do I prove my residance?

Any of the following documents would:

Utility bills such as: Water rates, telephone, gas, electricity or Council Tax bills.
Communications from Government departments such as: Letters from the Inland Revenue, the DSS, Department of Works & Pensions showing name and address. (any evidence for address must be less than 3 months old)

Do you send large amounts of money?

Yes, but In the case of larger transactions further evidence of permanent address and evidence of income is required.

How quickly can a recipient collect money?

You may chose one of our two options which are:
1- "In-minutes" which is urgent payment and recipient can collect money within five minutes 2- "Next Day" which is not urgent service.

Our service covers all around the world.

Is there any ID of recipient required to receive the money in Destination Country?

You must spell the recipient full name correctly.
The recipient should be able to show their original Country National ID card to receive the money you sent.